Record a user's voice and display as an oscilation...with cross-browser wav support (iOS & Anroid).
You've probably used React-Mic before, an awesome React component for recording sound from a user's microphone while displaying a visualization.  However React-Mic only runs on browsers that support the Media Recorder API and the WebM audio format.  

With React-Mic-Plus you get everything in React-Mic, but your audio is created in the WAV audio format which means you can record audio in ANY grade A browser, including mobile & desktop Safari.  Think about this.  Now you can create voice-activated Web applications that run in ALL major browsers and platforms (including iOS and Android).
· supported in all grade a browsers
· Runs In Iphone & ANDROID (all mobile devices)
· Includes pause feature
· supports 2 visualizations (oscillation or frequency bars)

Only $199 $99!
Voice Record Pro app
Test React-Mic-Plus yourself by going to Voice Record Pro